Bestia Imitor

Animalistic traits may be accompanied by animalistic tendencies.

The Bestia Imitor Mutation is the more common transgenic mutation. The transgenesis of a few, very specific genes, causes the DNA Alternate to display evolutionary traits, such as night vision, echolocation, and cat-like agility. Alternates with the bestia imitor mutation retain basic human form whenever assuming animalistic characteristics.

The Alternate can mimic hundreds of evolutionary traits from all manner of organisms. Their body can recall any animal they have absorbed and they can call upon certain traits of a particular organism at any time. Some of these traits include, but are not limited to, echolocation of a bat, amplified hearing, hunting, enhanced smell, catlike agility, and they can quickly grow claws and teeth for defense. The physical appearance of their eyes, teeth, and nails will change, but they are not therianthropes, and their bodies stay completely human.

All they can do is mimic traits, and only then it merely gives them enhanced abilities, not superseding those of human capabilities but merely amplifying natural ones.