The presence of a collective often causes the telepath to believe he is hearing voices that do not exist.

Collective is the ability of a telepath to create a stable, telepathic connection between a group of people, allowing them to share sensations, emotions, thoughts, and memories. This ability is used by DNA Alternates to establish a telepathic link with multiple victims for the purpose of communication. The Alternate may or may not be able to control the victims telepathically linked.

This ability allows the victims telepathically linked to act together seemlessly. The victims will be able to share anything that passes through their neurological synapses, including but not limited to sensations (images, sounds, etc.), emotions (confidence, fear, etc.), thoughts, and memories. The victims telepathically linked may or may not be able to withhold or resist the shared data.

The Alternate may or may not be able to force the victims telepathically linked to share a collective identity. If the Alternate can, this collective identity is often either based upon the Alternate (and under his control) or forms independently, building itself from the victims telepathically linked. The Alternate may or may not be able to close the telepathic connection, and if not, the victims may be permanently trapped in it.

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