Parallel dimensions can be crossed with this ability.

Cross-Dimensional Awareness is an ability that senses and can often travel between parallel universes (alternate universes) or other planes of existence. In order to travel to parallel/alternate universes/planes of existence one must travel in a spatial direction/dimension besides the standard ones, such as through teleportation. In effect, the other universes/planes are just a small distance away from our own, but the distance is in a fourth (or higher) spatial dimension, not the standard ones, thus making it undetectable to normal human beings.

This ability is, again, an extension of Gyrokinesis.

Gyrokinesis functions the same way it does in Teleportation for this ability. The distance between two planes of existence is bridged via a wormhole generated by Gyrokinesis, which is then traversed by the possessor of this ability. The gravitational field holding the wormhole in place will only exist as long as the possessor of this ability holds it there. It is possible to collapse this wormhole whilst inside it (Depending on the size), which would leave the traveler trapped between planes of existence.