Because of the social hierarchy among insects, insectopaths are often treated as queen bees, and their commands are obeyed regardless.

Insectopathy is the ability of a telepath to form a telepathic connection to insects and arachnids, allowing for communication and domination. The DNA Alternate sends a telepathic command to the insects that they understand due to the telepathic connection. This can allow communication with any insect and even allow command over the insect kingdom, including their metabolism, their behaviors and their breeding patterns, or to understand what they are thinking as well.

Because of the eusociality of insects, they are fully prepared to treat the Alternate as a queen, or other hierarchal figure. Their commands are never resisted, and the insects will comply even when it means their own demise. The Alternate is usually capable of communication with only one species of insect or arachnid. This ability does not influence the genetics of the Alternate (they do not grow wings, multiple legs, or millions of eyes).

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