Physical contact can be achieved through clothing.

Necrokinesis (also called anti-healing or degeneration) is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to induce cell death. 

Three main varients of this power have been noted.

The first allows the Alternate to evoke the tissue memory of an organism and any previous injury suffered by them. The Alternate can then inflict these old wounds on their victim by inducing cell death according to the tissue memory of the injury. This can include cuts, abrasions, internal organ damage, and, on occasion, broken bones. The Alternate can even inflict wounds they, themselves, have suffered onto their victims, but that takes an advanced mental focus and leaves the probability for themselves to be afflicted with whatever they are inflicting on their victims. Conceivably, the Alternate can also slow down the natural healing process of their victim as well as reverse it.

A second possible aspect of this ability is "wound swapping", wherein through physical contact, the Alternate can "trade" wounds with the victim, either inducing their own, current wounds on another, or taking the victim's current injuries as their own.

The third varient of this power allows the induction of original wounds on the target. Often, this is done by inducing type three necrotic cell death via physical touch. The necrotic cell death spreads rapidly, enveloping the entire organism. This will cause agonizing pain in the victim, but the effects are irreversible.

The Alternate with this power is usually immune to their own ability.