Eden McCain uses her voice to forcibly persuade Matt Parkman to leave her alone.

Persuasion (also called Mind Control) is the ability of a telepath to suppress the victim's will to resist or disobey, forcing them to do whatever the telepath demands. Persuasion works by manipulating the synaptic activity in the prefrontal cortex, completely altering the will of the victim. As the DNA Alternate uses Persuasion, the victim is completely incapable of separating their own thoughts and desires from those of the Alternate, and they feel that they absolutely must do whatever the Alternate demands.

Due to the perception that the will to act is actually the victim's, they will not consider the possible negative consequences of their actions, because they believe that what they are doing must be done. Even though the ability is a telepathic specialization, the Alternate cannot use Persuasion to hear thoughts. Unlike most telepathic specializations, Persuasion cannot be detected or resisted by a telepath. Persons with a strong sense of purpose, self-awareness, or willpower may have some success in resisting this power, however; possibly by finding loopholes in the wording of the command.