Psionic attack

Someone suffering a strong psionic attack.

Psionic Attack is the ability of a telepath to overwhelm nociceptors with phantom stimulus, causing unmanageable pain in the victim by thought alone. Also called Psionic Blast, this ability to overload the victim's mind can cause more than pain. It can induce memory loss, loss of consciousness, a vegetative state, or even death. This ability can be unwieldly, and difficult to control. The DNA Alternate must focus not only to create a telepathic connection, but also to prevent one.

Psionic Attack is often an unstable ability, and the Alternate must focus to prevent telepathic connections from forming. Because the Alternate is able to directly manipulate nerves, the level of pain they can cause is very high. Very minor stimulation could cause migraine headaches, while moderate stimulation could cause body-wracking and mentally-crippling pain. Extreme stimulation could even cause loss of consciousness, or if the victim was forced to remain conscious, insanity.

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