Transgenesis is one of the most drastic and visible forms of mutation.

Transgenic mutations can be the most destabilizing and debilitating mutations among all system mutations. Most transgenic mutations cause genetic defects and diseases. The few that result in DNA Alternate abilities are among the most dramatic, and visible, of all abilities.

The complete list of transgenic mutations can be found below.

  • The Bestia Imitor Mutation is the more common transgenic mutation. The transgenesis of a few, very specific genes, causes the Alternate to display animalistic characteristics, such as night vision, echolocation, and cat-like agility. Alternates with the bestia imitor mutation retain basic human form whenever assuming animalistic characteristics.
  • The Therianthropic Transformation Mutation is the most dramatic transgenic mutation, and manifests very rarely. The Alternate with the therianthropic transformation mutation suffers a near total transgenesis of their genetic code, and as a result, they undergo horrific transformations into half-human, half-animal hybrids. These transformations are not limited to mammals, and the Alternate may become part reptile, bird, fish, or even insect.
  • The Zoopathy Mutation is often considered telepathic, even though its roots are transgenic. The transgenesis of animal cognitive genes allows the DNA Alternate to understand animal communication, and even engage in verbal and physical conversations.