Cigarette-less smoke.

Typhokinesis is an ability which allows the user to generate and manipulate smoke. One with this ability can breathe smoke, pollute air by turning it into smoke or even converting immense amounts of it to poison to harm foes or as a means of cover or stealth. One with this ability could, with practice, possibly turn themselves into a smoke form, essentially separating their molecules and then bringing them back together. This would obviously be a weakness in a windy environment.

This can be accomplished by either expelling the smoke or gas directly from their body somehow, or by affecting the air and molecules around them to the same effect. Which means they could be primarily composed of smoke if they generate it themselves and are significantly powerful. This ability, in it's most extreme, provides a limited version of teleportation. Allowing the user to move from place to place no more than the length of a city by evaporating themselves into the smokey cloud. Caution should be exorcised, though, as being caught in a jet turbine for example could disperse the person beyond their limit to reform.