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    Days Gone By

    March 13, 2014 by Stephnboise

    This is not our first rodeo.

    Recently it was announced that Heroes would be filming a mini-series of Heroes reborn, a twelve episode story arc in the same universe as the original series. This came as great news to those of us who love the show and still carry on its legacy. However, it also occurred to me that this is our second wiki site. The first was mostly complete but then we wanted something more. We came here to do just that, but in the process we have lingered far too long in completing our mission.

    This wiki is supposed to be the all encompassing end-all-be-all for our PbP RPG that is set in the Heroes universe. But now, several years after we struck out to make a new and better wiki, it still lies incomplete. I think that with the …

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